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Bitcoin Trader is Back – and It's Better Than Ever

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For the first time in the last three years, Bitcoin is all anyone can seem to talk about again. It's making headlines, smashing records, and climbing in value at an unprecedented rate.

It feels like there's something bubbling under the surface, like we're in the calm before the storm. Bitcoin Trader can help you get ready to make the most out of that incoming explosion; all you have to do is sign up for an account.

Bitcoin Trader – More Powerful Than Ever

The original Bitcoin Trader worked wonders for a lot of traders, so why did we decide to give it a makeover? Well, we decided that the Bitcoin landscape had gone beyond simple numbers and charts.

It was impossible to make consistent predictions without factoring in what humans were doing to influence the coin. Things like the movement of whales, what's in the news, and what influencers are saying all play a part in the price action.

Our bot wasn't set up for sophistication like that, so we put it on standby and started fixing it up with a new engine. It took a lot of very experimental technical wizardry for our developers to get the new one up and running, but here we are.

Our new trading system is not only capable of numerical and chart analysis, but it can actually read what the mood is in the Bitcoin space. We've hooked the bot up with a fancy new keyword correlation search kit. It's able to scan the profiles of various influential people on social media to see whether they are bullish or bearish on Bitcoin.

It can do the same thing for the news, being plugged into various top-performing blogs in the space. Lastly, it's got an automatic alert system build into it so that it knows when a whale makes a trade.

What Bitcoin Trader Can Do for You

If you weren't with us for the original Bitcoin Trader, then welcome aboard! You're about to enter the greatest trading system on earth at a time that is absolutely crucial for Bitcoin.

The markets are all lining up to be a repeat of 2017, excitement is starting to grow, and people are clamoring to get their money in before the rocket takes off. We can punch your ticket to space for you. We do that by automating your trades. Why does that matter? It allows beginner traders to get themselves in the industry while they can with no experience whatsoever.

What we found while operating the previous version of Bitcoin Trader was that the biggest turnoff for beginner traders wasn't money or time; it was not knowing enough about the coin to invest. They found making their own trades on an exchange intimidating, and why wouldn't you? The moment you log into an exchange, you're bombarded with notifications and charts and numbers and a whole host of other technical nonsense.

All that information is fine for someone that knows how to interpret it, but a new user isn't going to be that person. When you're using the new version of Bitcoin Trader, we make a point of only showing you what you need to know for your skill level. The extra information is there if you want it, but it's not in your face like it is on other platforms.Instead, we keep your interface simple, which allows us to keep your tasks simple. While we take care of executing the trades, you need to set the parameters for our bot to operate in. We've made this call so that you still have control over your trades. It would be no good if our system was just pressing a button and off it goes, because trading seldom works like that.

By setting your parameters, you tell us what we should be looking for and when we should be cutting our losses and running. It gives you executive control over where your money goes without actually making those trades yourself.

It's All Free

Do you know the best part about the new and improved Bitcoin Trader? It's all free. Every last single bit of our platform is completely free of charge for you to use.

You're not going to find any signup fees, deposit fees, subscription fees, hidden fees, or anything else of that nature. The only time you may ever get charged a few dollars is in certain instances of depositing and withdrawing from specific banks, but that's on the bank's end, so nothing we can do there.

On our half of the equation, we don't get a cent from your pocket. We have strategic partnerships set up with a number of different online trading brokers that give us commission based on how many trades we make with them. Our bots operate through these brokers allowing us to give you Bitcoin Trader absolutely free.

There's one other important thing to take note of here, and that's the fact that our income has nothing to do with the success rate of your trades. We're incentivized to make sure you're trading as successfully as possible. If our bot is performing well for you, it's going to bring more people to us, and the more people trading with us, the higher our commission is.

Bitcoin Trader – Be A Part of the Future

Bitcoin Trader is poised and ready to lead a new generation of traders into a bigger and brighter future. Our technology stands to be the first steppingstone between you and the crypto world at large.

We hope that you decide to take advantage of us, even if it's just to get yourself started so that you can move upwards and onwards in your trading journey.

The Story of Bitcoin

The story of Bitcoin is very much the story of Bitcoin Trader. To understand what we are and where we come from, you need to know the Bitcoin timeline.

Bitcoin was developed all the way back in 2009, which just so happens to be when our founder invested. It remained stagnant, gaining a few dollars here and there in value for the next eight years. Once 2017 hit, something drastic happened. One notable trading whale moved a ludicrous amount of money into Bitcoin. This money inflated the price by a staggering amount overnight.

Needless to say, the sudden and violent price movement attracted the interest of the trading world at large, most of which decided that they wanted to get in on the fun.

This migration of trading patterns caused the media's ears to perk up, and it came knocking at the door to see what was going on. The media giving Bitcoin some attention meant that even more traders were finding out about, and trading, the coin.

It turned into one very painful snowball effect. People that knew nothing about economics or trading were taking out mortgages to invest in Bitcoin.

Anybody that knows anything about economics or even psychology could tell you that this wasn't built to last. A lot of traders were here for short plays or just to experiment. The market had become inflated and artificial and turned itself into a bubble. Like any trading bubble, it popped. Once all of that heat and air was let out, though, it began to slowly climb back up.

By the time 2020 came around, Bitcoin was back to making stable price movements at a high level, and Bitcoin Trader was working at full capacity.

Then March hit, and the world crashed.

Why Bitcoin Recovered So Quickly

Like every other single market on the face of the earth, Bitcoin took a nosedive right into the dirt. However, it wasn't long before it was climbing back up the levels at a rate far above anything else that was trading.

You see, investors had lost all trust in companies. A company that has its trade affected by the pandemic had an uncertain future. It could file for bankruptcy, but Bitcoin could not. That made Bitcoin a safer and more stable investment than stocks and shares.

Then, there were the commodity traders that moved their money into Bitcoin. In the event of total economic collapse, it's safe to say that gold would still reign supreme. However, borders were shutting down left, right, and center. It was becoming increasingly difficult to move items from one place to another. Bitcoin is digital and doesn't have that problem, so that's where that money went.

What 2020 has proved to us is that Bitcoin is a safer and more stable investment than anything else on the planet.

Traders were turning to Bitcoin when the economy was on its knees, which says a lot for the coin's future.

Bitcoin Trader FAQ

We got all kinds of questions from budding traders during the Bitcoin Trader 1 day, so we've decided to put together a short FAQ to help you find your feet with the new system

What's changed between the previous Bitcoin Trader App and the updated App?

The only real difference between the two systems is all behind the scenes. We've given our bot a total makeover, but you're not going to realize that until your trades start executing.

We've given the overall look and feel of the platform a bit of a makeover, too, but we consciously made sure that we didn't move anything. All of your UI is in the same place, so if you used the old system, you should be able to find your way around the place with no issues whatsoever.

How much do I need to start trading Bitcoin?

This was one of the biggest issues that traders had when they first started trading Bitcoin with us in the past. They saw that the price of Bitcoin was upwards of $15,000 for one unit, and needless to say, no one has that kind of money just lying around.

Just like how dollars can be broken up into cents, though, Bitcoin is divisible into smaller units called Satoshi. Our minimum deposit limit is $250, but you can realistically buy one-dollar worth of Bitcoin without any issues.

Do I need any experience?

Bitcoin Trader 1 was designed with beginner traders in mind, and Bitcoin Trader is no different. You don't need any experience with Bitcoin in the past to use our systems. While having some prior knowledge does help, it is far from necessary.

Our trading bot executes your trades on your behalf within your parameters. It's like having an investment advisor looking after your portfolio for you.

How do I know when I'm ready to trade?

The first time you invest is a big deal. It can be exciting, but it's also pretty scary. If you're not much for gambling, it can be worrisome to leave your money in a market that has a constantly fluctuating value.

While our new system outputs some seriously powerful results, Bitcoin trading is always risky. It's far from the get rich quick scheme that a lot of people think it is. Rather, it's more akin to a get rich slowly scheme.

There's little doubt that Bitcoin is going to grow as the years go on but holding out through the lows can be a point of contention for a lot of traders.

That's why we always recommend that you don't trade what you can't afford to lose. If you're living paycheck to paycheck and you're not financially stable, then your money is going to be better off somewhere else.

If you do have a few hundred dollars lying around that would otherwise be wasted on useless trinkets and takeaway food, then you should consider investing.