About Us

About Our Team

We've talked an awful lot about Bitcoin already, but what about us?

The updated version Bitcoin Trader is the upgraded version of Bitcoin Trader 1, so let's start there.

Way back in the days of 2009, our founder decided to begin in this little thing known as Bitcoin. At this point, it was a novelty with potential.

Our founder was already a successful and established trader, so putting a few thousand dollars into Bitcoin at this point for a rainy day didn't seem like such a bad idea.

This fate was proven right when Bitcoin grew from a few cents to a few dollars over the years, but our founder didn't cash out their profits. This continued growth spoke of something greater to come, so they held on.

As you know by now, that greatness came to fruition in 2017 when Bitcoin took the world by storm.

Our founder cashed out at around $19,000 per Bitcoin, just before the crash. In the space of a few months, they made exponentially more money than they made in the entirety of their trading career.

However, early retirement was never on the table. The success, failure, and eventual redemption of Bitcoin had inspired them. They saw a solution to the fragile and doomed to fail fiat currency economy, so they decided to help push Bitcoin along its path to mainstream adaptation.

Bitcoin Trader 1

That came in the form of Bitcoin Trader 1. They established a development team and got to work, creating the original app.

It was early enough in 2019 when Bitcoin Trader 1 launched, and it did so to great success. We quickly built up a community of traders chomping at the bit to get their foot in the door of the future.

Things were all well and good up until the pandemic of 2020 hit. Everything crashed, and for a short while, Bitcoin trading was at an all-time low.

We decided to halt trading on Bitcoin Trader 1, although it was still open so that users could withdraw any outstanding balances.

Over the course of 2020, we took the economic downtime to make improvements to our trading software.

Those improvements have been well worth the time and money investment as our system is now outputting results that we had never gotten before.

Bitcoin Trader is launched and ready to go at full steam ahead. We're already starting to prove that the upgrade was worth it, so we hope that you stick around to find out for yourself.